Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger With These Remodeling Tips

Improvements to the bathroom are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Bathroom renovation return on investment averages around 70%, according to Daltile. Portland families can benefit from bringing in a design build remodeling firm to build their dream bathroom on the bones of the one they have, often without sacrificing a bathroom for days or weeks in the process. Even if you can't make your bathroom larger, you can make it look bigger with colors, lighting, and other design cues to maximize your available space. Let’s take a look at how a design build team can help you do so.

Use a Glass Shower Door

Shower curtains take up a substantial amount of visual space. By switching to a glass shower door, you can open up the visual space of the tub, even if it's frosted. The room will feel a lot bigger since you’ll be able to see more of the space through the glass.

Add Whites and Light Colors to Brighten and Recede

It's a truth widely acknowledged that light colors recede from the viewer to create additional space in the visual field and make the space look more open. Even if you haven't changed a thing, remodeling with light colors will improve the feeling of space. That’s why you’ll see a lot of bathrooms painted white or light blue.

Save Space With Pocket Doors

One of the easiest ways to create more space in your bathroom is to simply make more space in it. This can be done by replacing traditional swinging doors, which have to have a space behind them, with sliding pocket doors. This works best in a bathroom in the middle of a hallway, which has a natural space for the pocket. You can get a similar effect with a folding door if your bathroom is at the end of the hallway and you don't have a ton of space.

Use Textures Over Patterns

Patterned walls can sometimes make a space look smaller, especially if the pattern is a dark color. Textures can avoid this by putting plays of light and darkness on your wall that change as the sun moves through the day. The design build remodeling firm you hire can help you find the right textures for your space.

Remember to leave enough storage space for everything you need to function in your bathroom. Makeup and toiletries still need to be kept. Clutter and mess can reverse all the careful work you've done to open your space. If you're ready to remodel your bathroom, then give us a call today! We're ready to start the conversation for your Portland home.