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Why You Should Consider Adding a Gym to Your Basement

More than 28% of Americans are physically inactive, says the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. You may create excuses about the weather, crowd phobia, traffic, or fatigue after a long day to avoid dragging yourself to a fitness center. If this sounds familiar, adding a home gym to your basement may be the solution to keeping fit and healthy.

A design build firm can help you convert your unfinished basement into a furnished personal fitness center. You can tailor the space to your needs, incorporating a personalized sense of style and the fitness equipment you prefer.

Here are seven reasons you should consider converting your basement into a home gym.

1. Your Gym, Your Rules

A design build firm can help you transform your basement into the ideal personal workout center. Chances are you are all too familiar with the “Don’t drop weights,” “no grunting,” or other gym rules. Design build remodeling contractors can help you pick out the right flooring, lighting, and accessories for your home gym. You can yell and heave as much as you want, go in shirtless, or play your favorite songs on blast to get you in the mood.

2. Customization

Most fitness enthusiasts often dread the crowded gym filled with equipment that doesn’t fit their training style. Working with a design build firm to choose the premium fitness equipment to bring into your new home gym can be satisfying. You can enhance your performance by picking equipment that suits your fitness goals.

3. Privacy

New fitness enthusiasts often feel judged within a public space. You may be uncomfortable from the eyes trailing you as you lift weights, ride on the exercise bike, or run on the treadmill. A remodeling company can assist you in creating a personalized space within your basement where you are in full control of your workouts. You can focus better and even get out the worst grimace face from your new kettle bells without any worry or judgment.

4. Convenience

Remember skipping some workouts at the local gym because “something came up?” A home gym in your basement provides you with the flexibility to work out whenever you want. You do not have to worry about the closing time or traffic when planning for your weekly workouts.

5. Travel Less, Save More

The design build firm renovating your basement to a fine home gym may save you hundreds of dollars in gym membership fees. You also reduce travel costs, with the fitness center only a staircase away. You can use the membership savings to add more equipment to your gym.

6. Health Safety

Hundreds of people pop into fitness centers daily. The equipment may harbor germs and viruses that can make you sick. As only you and your family will be using your basement gym, you can have better control over the cleanliness of your workout area.

7. Family Fitness

Converting your basement to a home gym provides you with an opportunity to make fitness a family affair. Working out alongside your family members can be a positive mood booster while deepening your ties. Even better, everyone stays healthy and fit.

Can’t find time to get yourself to the fitness center? Call in a design build firm to convert your incomplete basement into a fully-equipped home gym. Creekstone Designs can help you come up with cool architectural designs for your new workout station.