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Your Portland Whole Home + Floor Design Done Right

Creekstone Design + Remodel is ready to take on your Portland area home’s complex overhaul with expertise and creativity. From kitchens and baths to hallways, dining areas, and laundry rooms, our comprehensive approach ensures a cohesive and functional living environment that reflects your personal style, respects your home’s history, and meets your lifestyle needs.

whole home remodel kitchen and staircase leading upstairs in portland

Your Portland Home Should Be Uniquely Yours

Creekstone Design + Remodel specializes in whole-home transformations, turning every corner of your dwelling into a perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Serving Portland, Lake Oswego, West Hills, and Beaverton, we elevate home remodeling to an art form, ensuring your entire living space reflects a seamless fusion of exceptional design and optimal functionality. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of your unique vision and lifestyle, enabling us to tailor every aspect of your home into a personalized retreat of comfort and quality. With Creekstone, your whole home remodel is more than a renovation—it's a complete reinvention of your everyday environment, meticulously crafted to align with your precise preferences and needs.

What Makes Creekstone the Right Choice?

whole home kitchen remodel in portland oregon

Tailored Design Philosophy

At Creekstone, we understand that every home has a story. Our design process is tailored to narrate yours uniquely, ensuring that every space within your home seamlessly connects to tell a cohesive story.


Education-First Approach

We guide you on how to decide, not what to decide. Our process is designed to empower you with knowledge, ensuring that your choices are informed and your investment is sound.


Expertise and Precision

As the leading whole home remodeling contractors in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Hills, and Beaverton, our team of experts brings decades of experience, offering precision and attention to detail unmatched in the industry.


Transparent Process

We prioritize transparency and communication. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, you’re involved in every step, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as you imagined.

whole home kitchen remodel in portland oregon

FAQs About Whole Home Remodeling in Portland, Oregon

How long does a whole home remodel take?

The duration of a whole home remodel varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. We provide a detailed timeline upfront, keeping you informed at every phase, so you know exactly what to expect and when.

Is it cost-effective to remodel the whole home at once?

Tackling the entire project at once leverages economies of scale, reduces overall disruption, and ensures consistency in design and craftsmanship across all spaces. Our comprehensive approach allows for efficient scheduling and utilization of resources, ensuring you get the most for your investment.

Can I stay in my home during the remodel?

We make every effort to minimize disruption and ensure your comfort throughout the remodeling process. However, many homeowners find the upheaval on the main floor too much for productive daily life, and make alternate arrangements for all or part of the construction time. Depending on the project scope, we'll work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs.

How does Creekstone handle unforeseen issues during the remodeling process?

There are some realities of existing construction that we cannot anticipate until we discover them during demolition and construction. Should any unforeseen issues arise, our team promptly evaluates the situation, informing you of any implications on time or budget. Together, we discuss the best course of action, ensuring decisions are made with your consent and in the best interest of your project's success.

Your Current Portland Home Can Be Your Dream Home

Creekstone Design + Remodel cannot wait to dream and plan with you to make your home yours again. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards realizing the home of your dreams.

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