3 Tips for Building an Addition Above Your Garage


Building a room over the garage has many benefits for you and your family. It won’t increase the size of your property but will boost the finished square footage and your resale value. Design build companies can help you with the room’s design and help it blend with your home or property. If you’re interested in adding this feature to your home, read below for some tips on how best to do it.

What You Need to Consider First

Before you choose to add an addition above your garage, you should take the time to understand just how much of a project this is going to be. There are many intricate facets to construction work, and it’s not just as easy as imagining what you want and having it done.
Once you have considered what you want to accomplish, you can move on to the next tip.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Remember how much they are responsible for when it comes time to choose who to work with for your project. Instead of choosing to work with multiple companies to get the project done. consider working with a design build company. Design build companies can help you with all the building codes, designing the room to fit the structure of your home, walls, floors, plumbing, utilities, and creating an access point to enter the new room. These types of companies take care of every step of the process, from visualization to finishing details once the project is complete.

Types of Rooms to Consider Building

Another tip is to not limit yourself when it comes to what to use your addition for. Many people opt for just more room, but other creative options might work better for you. For example, you can build a home office, designed to perfectly suit your individual needs. If you enjoy games, it can be turned into a game room with a pool table, computer, TV, and entertainment. You could also create a play area for your children or a hobby room for making crafts. This room can even be turned into an exercise room for the family or a yoga studio to practice. The options are truly endless.

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