Your Guide to Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials


Your Guide to Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Choosing the right kitchen countertop to fit your needs is a big decision. With so many varied materials available on the market today, it’s easy for Portland homeowners to find themselves stuck between 2 or more different options. However, not all kitchen countertop materials are created equal, making it important to do your research before making any final decisions. As your local home design and remodeling experts, we’re here to help you narrow down your search and feel comfortable that you’ve made the right choice for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular countertop materials and explore possible ideas for your home.

Your Guide to 8 Popular Countertop Materials

1. Granite

It’s almost impossible to look at homes on the market in the greater Portland area and not see kitchens outfitted with gorgeous granite countertops. While granite has been a staple countertop material for decades now, it’s for good reason. Granite is eye-catching, sophisticated, durable, and provides an extremely strong worktop surface. The natural grain pairs well with most other patterns and materials., making granite a clear choice for many homeowners. However, it should be noted that because granite is porous, annual resealing is needed to protect the surface.

2. Wood

While many people may think of wood as a basic countertop material, it has been making a comeback in a big way recently. Wood offers a warm, beautiful, and durable countertop surface that is ideal for withstanding even the toughest at-home chefs. In fact, wood is so durable that you can typically buff out everything from scratches and scuffs, to burns and more. Just remember that working with wood can be tricky. So, if you don’t have previous experience with woodworking, it’s best to leave the installation to the professionals to avoid warping.

3. Stainless Steel

There is something very professional and streamlined about a kitchen with stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel is a very versatile material that pairs well with many different design styles. You could use this countertop material in a country farmhouse design, minimal modern kitchen, or a more industrial design—the possibilities are limitless. Durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance, stainless steel can take the heat and withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees.

4. Soapstone

Soapstone is a soft, attractive, and inviting material that works well for kitchen countertops. Despite having a pliable texture, soapstone is also heat-resistant and isn’t prone to staining. However, additional care may be necessary to maintain the original look of your soapstone countertops. For example, light-gray soapstone can develop a patina over time, and it may need to be sanded or buffed to remove the patina and deep scratches.

5. Engineered Stone

If you’re looking for a tough, durable and long-lasting countertop material but don’t like the look of granite or stainless steel, engineered stone is a great alternative. Typically, this countertop material is made up of around 90 percent quartz through a manufacturing process, making it extremely durable. Another convenient feature of engineered stone is that it doesn’t need to be sealed and requires very little maintenance.

6. Concrete

Concrete countertops have been gaining popularity in recent years because they are affordable, durable, and fit in well with many modern design themes. Concrete is a natural choice for kitchen countertops because it is great at withstanding high temperatures and doesn’t scratch. But homeowners should keep in mind that they do require regular maintenance to prevent stains and water damage.

7. Glass

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops that are sure to be eye-catching and make a statement, glass is an excellent material option. Glass is versatile in that you can essentially manipulate the material to create any color or design effect that you like. While custom glass countertops can be pricey, they are a great investment and can withstand the test of time. Glass is a strong material that is heat-resistant and stylish, but it can be susceptible to scratches.

8. Marble

Possibly one of the most desirable countertop materials available, marble offers beauty, durability and a unique style that can’t be replicated anywhere else outside of your home. This is because, as a natural stone, no 2 sheets of marble are exactly the same. However, because marble is one of the more expensive countertop materials on the market, many homeowners choose to limit its use to a single area within the kitchen, like a fabulous island where the family can cook and eat together. Additionally, marble does require regular maintenance and sealing to prevent staining or scratching.

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