Four Storage Solutions for Your Open Concept Kitchen

Dreaming of an open concept kitchen but worried about storage and clutter? With careful planning and a little creativity, even the most gadget-loving Portland home chefs can have a clean, bright, open kitchen with space to spare. Here are four ways to get the most out of your kitchen storage:

Versatile Drawers


Drawers are the ultimate in convenient storage. Since drawers pull all the way out, nothing is ever inaccessibly buried way in the back of a cabinet. Gone are the days of stacking cookware and bakeware in unruly piles — drawers with racks keep pots and pans better organized and accessible.

Specialty Storage


If your goal is an open, airy kitchen, the last thing you want is clutter on your counter. But some appliances, like your microwave or stand mixer, are too bulky to store in a traditional cabinet. These homeowners chose to solve this problem by making a discreet but accessible spot in their center island made just for their microwave. Specialty storage can be custom-made for any of your necessary — but sometimes unsightly —appliances.

Storage to the Ceiling


When storage is at a minimum, every inch helps. Upper cabinets that stretch to the ceiling create extra space for infrequently used items like formal dinner plates, holiday cookware, extra napkins, and paper towels.

Priceless Pantries


Getting rid of ceiling-mounted cabinets can make your kitchen feel bright and spacious, but also takes away essential storage space. For this reason, many homeowners are opting for large pantries to keep their food and cooking items organized, accessible, and out of sight.

You don’t have to sacrifice storage space to have an open concept home. The expert team at Creekstone Remodeling will work with you to craft a kitchen that meets your needs and looks fantastic. Contact us to get started on your dream kitchen!