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How to Decide on Color Palettes for Your Custom Home

When most people think of a home's color palette, they think about the walls. While wall paint is definitely a part of your color palette, so are accent colors, finishes, flooring, and more! When you start a custom home build with our team, you'll need to carefully decide on a color palette. Here are some tips to help you make this choice.

Keep Your Intentions Top of Mind

Be sure to keep in mind your intentions for the space, including the mood and atmosphere. Start by considering the colors of your previous home and pinpoint what you don't like about them. Are they too bright? Too dark? Do they fit your style? Next, you can start thinking of what you would like the mood in your home to be. Are you going for a calm and relaxing space? What about a warm and welcoming mood? Once this is determined, you can move on to the next step.

Understand Color Basics

Once you know your intentions for your space, it's time to familiarize yourself with color basics. There are both warm and cool colors, which will be important in setting the mood of your space. For example, according to Houzz, roughly 7% of kitchen remodeling projects include blue walls, which are a cool color and make a space feel bigger and relaxing. On the other hand, warm colors, such as red and orange, are active and stimulating, which are good for making features pop. If you're having trouble understanding color basics or want the advice of a professional, then we can help you with this step as one of the best design build companies in the industry.

Consider Your Fixed Finishes

Your fixed finishes will also play a role in the color palettes you choose for your home. Consider the color and style of the floors, cabinets, shelving, and furniture you'll choose. Your floors are likely the largest finish in your home, so you'll want your color palette to tie into them. Consider their undertone and work your color scheme around it. This is easier said than done, so our team of experts will help you out.

Are you considering starting a remodeling project in Portland or building a new home? If so, having a good understanding of color palettes will be invaluable. If you're struggling to determine a color palette for your home, don't worry. Design build companies, like us at Creekstone Designs, are here to help. Our team of experts will work closely with you to help determine the best color pallet for your home. Give us a call today!