Why Home Additions Can Make the Perfect In-Law Suites

Home additions are one of the most common modifications done to houses in America. They not only add value to the house but also improve the quality of life for those living in the house. Since home additions help a family to adjust to changing family dynamics, these renovations are increasingly expanding. According to Comfy Living, in 2018, baby boomers and generation Xers were responsible for more than 81% of all home renovations. This data is an indicator that these renovations were most likely influenced by anticipation that their aging parents would have to move in with them. In-law suites are arguably one of the best home additions you can have. Here's how home additions make the perfect in-law suites.

They Keep Family Together

Having an in-law suite as a home addition can help a family co-exist with each other while observing boundaries. Many generation Xers and baby boomers suffer from loneliness after retirement. If all the children have moved out, they may be left alone. Health complications that come as a result of aging may also add to their troubles. Luckily, you can live with your parents but not technically in the same house with a home addition converted into an in-law suite. This way, you are able to monitor their health and help them live a more fulfilling life.

They Link the Main House to the In-Law Suite

Having an in-law suite as an addition instead of a completely new house helps link both houses for ease of movement. There is a perfect mix between the autonomy of the in-law suite and the interdependence of the two houses. This can promote perfect co-existence between your family and your aging parents. While your parents enjoy their autonomy, they have access to the main house and the warmth of family.

They Can Be Used for Other Purposes

When an in-law suite is a home addition, it can be used for other purposes. For example, it can serve as a home office or playroom. When building an in-law suite, you should think of the various uses it could have in the future or present. This will help you decide on the features you want your addition to have.

The in-law suite is an invaluable home addition. It not only adds to the value of the house, but also makes life for the occupants more practical. Are you considering a home addition? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at Creekstone Design Build in Portland.