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Wondering how much it will cost to remodel your home?

Don’t use someone else’s best case or worst case guesstimate of what your cost of a home remodel project will be. We recommend using 3rd party information by starting with Portland Remodeling specific market data. Click here to see the 2022 Portland Remodeling Cost vs Value report for the average cost for home remodels, scope, and resale value of Portland remodeling projects. Having this market cost range will help in understanding what your project cost and scope should be. Below is our common cost of a kitchen remodel, cost to remodel a bathroom and cost of a basement remodel. Cost ranges include items such as the kitchen remodel design cost, as well as typical items that affect price.

Kitchen Remodel Costs


    • Stock cabinets
    • Laminate counters
    • Vinyl/LVT floors
    • Builder grade appliances


    • Semi-Custom Cabinets
    • Quartz/Granite counters (tier 1 or 2)
    • New flooring in kitchen area
    • Relocating sink & lighting
    • Mid-range appliances


    • Custom cabinets
    • Quartz/Granite counters (tier 3 or 4), or specialty materials
    • Relocating sink
    • Structural changes/upgrades, relocating walls
    • Adding doors and windows
    • Flooring, incorporating it with the rest of the level
    • High-end appliances

Kitchen Costs Variables

    • Making space code compliant (especially electrical)
    • Re-piping
    • No access from below
    • Remove walls or fireplaces
    • Carpeting

Bathroom Remodel Costs


    • Existing fixture locations remain
    • Stock cabinets
    • Laminate counters
    • Vinyl flooring
    • Fiberglass surround


    • Toilet location remains
    • Shower or vanity may be able to move depending on the drain
    • Tile shower surround
    • Tile floor


    • Moving walls
    • Relocating toilet
    • Electronic toilets…yes we have installed them
    • Curbless shower
    • Natural stone tile or and custom patterning of tile
    • Body spray systems
    • Steam showers

Bathroom Costs Variables

    • Hall bath vs. master bath
    • Galvanized lines and re-pipes
    • No access from below
    • Second floors
    • Standalone tubs and plumbing code

Basement Remodel Costs

with Bedroom, Bath, Family Room & Utility room


    • Legal existing bath; see Baths
    • No structural work
    • Carpeting


    • No load bearing structural work
    • Adding bath (assuming sewer under floor); see Baths
    • Adding bedroom with egress window
    • Stained concrete


    • Rebuild stairs to meet be code compliant
    • Leveling of floors
    • Structural work/upgrades (specialize)
    • Multiple egress windows
    • Custom floor finishes

Basement Remodel Variables

  • Above ground sewer line
  • Access or egress restrictions
  • Earthquake retro fitting
  • Moisture management
  • Radon Mitigation

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