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What to Know About Investing in a Primary Bath Remodel

According to Statista, approximately 30% of people remodel their kitchen because it has broken down. This same sentiment applies to primary bathrooms for homeowners. Don't toil in an outdated or dysfunctional bathroom any longer. If you've been waiting to fix up your primary bathroom in Portland, here's what you can expect from a professional primary bathroom remodel.

Durable Flooring and Wall Materials

With quality work from a design build firm like Creekstone Designs, you can trust that the new flooring of your primary bath will not be vulnerable to damage caused by spills, stains, and other unforeseen circumstances. Our expert design build team can offer textured tiled walls with in-floor heating, adding a new set of capabilities that homeowners love. You can also install a thermostat system in your new shower. Materials and upgrades that optimize shower functionality paired with updated walls that prevent mold will make the primary bath a space perfect for any homeowner and their family.

A Design That Stands the Test of Time

New walls, flooring, and fixture installation can all contribute to a cohesive, overhauled visual design that matches the homeowner's exact tastes. A new bathtub or walk-in shower can truly transform the space and contribute to making it more modern. Different materials of tile offer different visual elements that you might not have considered before diving into a remodel. Whether you are aiming for a more contemporary design or a spa-like experience, we've got it covered.

You can also prioritize safety if that's something that's become a concern in recent years. There's plenty to change when going into a remodel! The design build process provided by our expert team of architects and designers ensures that your vision is communicated and then executed to perfection by a single team of professionals.

Don't hesitate to speak to Creekstone Designs today to learn more about how our top-tier remodeling company can upgrade your primary bath to be more durable, functional, and visually appealing. We handle all aspects of Portland home improvement projects and additions from start to finish. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the design build process, our expert designers and architects, and our previous remodeling work with entire homes, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.