The Kitchen: Your Home’s Command Center


Every family is unique and comes to us with specific preferences for creating their ideal kitchen. Our highest priority when approaching their kitchen design is to tailor our plans according to the ways in which each client will be using their space, always aiming to suit their individual needs.

Rhomboid is the new Kitchen Triangle

Many people have heard of the “kitchen triangle” which dates back to the 1940s.  The “rule” dictated how far apart the range, refrigerator and sink “needed” to be. However, things have evolved since the 40’s; families, lifestyles and uses of our homes have become more multi-functional, open floor plan and lifestyle fitted. Instead of keeping folks out of the kitchen we welcome them in, instead of being a cookery only, it has become an entertainment hub, a homework station and the key feature of our homes. So the rules have changed. Here is a list of appliance placement recommendations for the typical family of four:

  • Move the refrigerator to the edge so kids and friends can access without crossing into a traffic lane
  • Move the wall ovens off to the side as they are not used as regularly as others….and keep out of the traffic lanes during the holidays
  • The sink can be placed where you feel best. Some love the view near a window, others want it in the island so they can oversee the interior activities. No right or wrong here.
  • Microwaves, get them under a counter; even the countertop models can be accommodated with an easy cabinet adjustment
  • Dishwashers, near the sink, but make sure there’s two-way traffic lane access on both sides
  • In our next article we will cover the difference spacing recommendations with their pros and cons.


Enhancing Functionality with Cabinetry

Cabinet features can have a big impact on the kitchen’s functionality; for example, we want to make sure that we place the dishwasher close to the cabinet that will hold daily dishes and cutlery. We also make sure to design places for specialty items from large pots and serving platters, as well as those key areas where the client may want to display fragile items or collectibles. Garbage and recycling bins need a specific type of cabinet and we generally try to place those near the sink for easy access.


Improving Aesthetics through Material Selections

Finally, we come to the finishing touches. Much like choosing the accessories for an outfit, we work with clients to help them select the materials that will provide the look and feel they wanted to achieve. From the cabinetry door styles, to the hardware, task lighting, flooring, counters and tile backsplashes–we work closely with clients to help them choose finishes that not only work well together and fall within the budget parameters, but that also complement our strategic decisions around the functional components of the kitchen.


The end result: Happy customers!

Creekstone Design + Remodel has earned a reputation for producing award-winning designs. While the industry accolades are gratifying, at the end of the day, it’s the satisfaction of our clients that matters to us the most. We are pleased to share that our clients consistently give 5-star ratings to our work, which has lead to service awards from Houzz for the past three consecutive years.

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