The Top Remodeling Trends for 2019: What Design Styles Are in and Out

A new year means a fresh start, and 2019 will bring a new wave of home design and remodeling trends. Lines, textures, materials, and color schemes are changing, and you’ll want to be up to date on what’s in and out if you’re planning to reinvent your space this year.

Here are some of the top remodeling trends that are coming and going in 2019:

More Bold Patterns, Less Minimalism

Although simplicity and functionality are always in style, you can expect to see fewer sparse, minimalist spaces in 2019. Bold geometric, stylized, and floral patterns are back in a big way.

Here are some creative and tasteful ways to incorporate bold patterns into your kitchen or bathroom remodel:

Pairing bold patterns with pops of color, unexpected textures, and abstract artwork keeps this trend fresh and allows the eye to move seamlessly throughout a space.

More Copper and Brass, Less Rose Gold

Rose gold stole the show in 2018, popping up everywhere from bathroom sinks to ornate light fixtures. Traditional metals are making a comeback in 2019. Copper, brass, and other more natural looking metals give your space an organic, traditional feel.

These timeless metals are perfect for bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks, and in art pieces and trinkets. Copper, brass, steel, and other traditional metals add a rustic, industrial feel to your space and look great paired with rich colors, wood, and stone.

Other materials making a comeback in 2019 include:

  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Natural textiles
  • Clay
  • Natural wood
  • Terrazzo

More Rich Colors, Fewer Whites and Grays

White and gray always have a role to play, but rooms dominated by these minimalist, sterile color schemes are on their way out. In 2019, they’re being replaced by jewel tones, organic greens, and deep reds and blues.

These rich hues add a calming and sophisticated feel to your room and pair well with traditional furniture and artwork. For a bold look, paint an entire room burgundy or choose dark green kitchen cabinets. To achieve a more subtle version of this trend, opt for a jewel-toned sofa or fireplace.

Light colored floors, furniture, and countertops add balance and help make these rich colors stand out. Jewel tones and deep colors also look great with natural wood, stone, and traditional metals.

More Art Deco Touches, Fewer Mid-Century Ones

In keeping with the general move away from minimalism and straight lines, a mid-century design will be less prominent in 2019. Instead, expect to see more ornate and elegant patterns, artwork, and furnishings.

While you’re not likely to see an entire room decked out in 1920s opulence, tasteful art deco touches are definitely back in style. This trend works best in small doses, thoughtfully woven throughout the room.

Art-deco-inspired wallpaper is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get in on this trend. Patterns with leaves and feathers or geometric shapes bring the 1920s into the modern era and look great with almost any style of artwork.

Other ways to incorporate art deco touches into your space include:

  • Ornate fireplaces
  • Curved furniture
  • Mixed metals
  • Geometric tiles
  • Elegant mirrors
  • Antique bar carts

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