Kitchen Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

In 2022, kitchen remodeling has many exciting trends to make your kitchen the center of your home. Some of the trends are smart appliances, pantries, wood and ceramic tile floors, multipurpose kitchen islands, and the use of metals. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or designing a brand new one, following the trends will give you ideas on what to discuss with the kitchen designers.

Smart Appliances

Kitchen appliances now have more features to help you with daily activities. Some refrigerators now will warn you when you’re running low on food or when something needs to be fixed due to a malfunction. It may check food items and alert you when eggs or produce are going bad. Smart refrigerators have touch screens to look up recipes and write grocery lists. You can look inside some refrigerators because they have cameras. The newest microwave recognizes voice commands, and some ovens can turn off when your food is cooked and add more steam when it needs humidity. Many new appliances save you money on water and electricity. According to Kitchen Infinity, the search for home appliances has increased by 26% in the last year.

Natural Wood and Ceramic Tile Floors

Wood flooring is still popular for kitchen floors, is safe to walk on, and is treated to reduce slipping. Ceramic floors, due to modern technology, have become as popular as wood. There are many unique styles and colors to choose from. Some ceramic looks like solid wood flooring but is easier to clean and maintain. It is even made to resemble natural stone.

Food Pantries

Over the last few years, many kitchen remodeling jobs have added pantries for storing food and kitchenware. Some pantries are freestanding and installed in the kitchen or built into the wall. Pantries are popular in kitchen remodeling design.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become the focal point of many homes and are used for a variety of purposes. Many are used for preparing food, have seating so that you can eat a meal there, and have storage space. The storage space keeps your kitchen organized. Some homes with larger kitchens are installing two kitchen islands for food prep, eating, and storage.

Different Metals Used for Lighting and Accessories

Many kitchens are adding metal lighting fixtures that add a decorative look. They are made of pewter, copper, or even steel. Metal lighting is durable and easy to clean. Faucets and sinks often are made of different types of metal and are easy to clean and maintain. Appliances made of stainless steel are still trendy in kitchen design.

These are some of the 2022 design trends that may be used in kitchen remodeling. Work with a designer that knows the trends and has experience in the business.