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How To Decide What Room To Tackle First In a Multi-Room Renovation Project

A multi-room renovation is a thrilling prospect. You can take your old home and make it more beautiful and usable. If you own one of the 80% of US homes that are twenty years old or older, your home likely needs some renovations done. However, most people are working on a budget. So they need to prioritize their multi-room renovation. Before you talk to any design-build companies, use these three questions to decide which room to tackle first.

Which Room Do You Want to Renovate the Most?

Sometimes the question will come down to emotion. Which room will make you happiest once it is done? By focusing on that one first, you’ll go into the project on a high note. You’ll also have the majority of your budget still available to work with, meaning you’ll get a little more wiggle room for things you really want.

What Will Each Room Cost?

You can use this question in two ways. Maybe you want to get your most expensive room done first. If you bring in design-build companies to take care of the most expensive part of your home, it will be done, leaving you with only the more affordable parts remaining. However, you might take it the other way as well. If you want to start small, renovate the least expensive room first. It might not be as dramatic a result, but it will get a piece of the work done while leaving most of your budget intact.

When Are Contractors Available?

If you’re doing a multi-room renovation, you’ll need different contractors for different jobs. You might need to set up your schedule based on their availability. If your plumber can only come during a certain week, you should plan to do your bathroom during that time. Even if it isn’t the most exciting or expensive room, you’ll need to prioritize it during that week. By scheduling based on contractor availability, you’ll be sure to have the professionals you need when you need them.

Design build companies can help you get the home of your dreams from the house you have now. However, you won’t want to renovate your whole house all at once. Choose which room to start with and go there first. You’ll find the process goes much smoother that way.