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Here's Why Home Additions Are Worth It for Big Families

When your family needs more space, you may have considered moving into a new home. That might not always be the best option, though. With over 80% of homes in the U.S. being built before 1980 according to Comy Living, additions are a great choice. Hiring a contractor that has a design build approach may be the smartest way to add space for your family to live comfortably. So, why consider adding an addition? Keep reading to find out!

More Space

Growing families or those with older family members moving in will naturally need more space. This can include multi-room renovations, tips for designing larger or additional bathrooms, and tips for a more accommodating kitchen, and extra bedrooms.

When considering options for home additions, many homeowners look to add or enlarge the living room/family room. Kitchens are another area where more space is often needed. For new members in the home, additional bedrooms may be needed. One of the benefits of adding to an existing home is that the new space can be designed to fit your family's specific needs. This can mean simply opening walls to make a space larger or it could include building an additional room. By renovating with a knowledgeable contractor, you'll get the exact changes you're looking for.

Kitchen Renovation

The saying is that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it often truly is. Not only is it where meals are prepared, it's where people tend to gather. Often, they are places where people entertain with casual meals, kids do homework and parents enjoy their morning coffee.

When considering adding space to a kitchen, think about how you want the space to be used. Does the “flow” work or should it be adjusted? Are you looking for luxury appliances? Are you looking for an open floor plan to combine the kitchen with the living room or dining room? These are things that a qualified contractor can help you decide.


Bathrooms are another popular way to add space to a home. You may want to add a whirlpool/jet tub or a sauna. With a growing family, you may need to add additional bathrooms to meet the family's needs.


A growing family needs more space but if elderly family members move in, you may consider creating a new addition just for them. This can include a small living area, bedroom, kitchenette, and bath. Sometimes, these units can have their own external door. This helps older people feel more independent while there are still family members nearby.

Undergoing home additions with a knowledgeable contractor can make your family more comfortable and add value to the home. That's always a good investment. Reach out to Creekstone design build remodeling today to discuss your next addition!