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5 Signs You Should Change the Layout of Your Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is a major undertaking, but one that is extremely rewarding for all homeowners. Around 30% of all homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen due to their old kitchen aging and/or breaking down, according to Statista. If you are a homeowner, knowing the signs that it is time to change the layout of your kitchen can help you to find the right design build firms for the project.

1. Your Kitchen Looks Outdated

A tell-tale sign that it's time to consider changing the entire layout of your kitchen is that it simply appears old and outdated. Outdated kitchens might include cabinet materials and countertops that are no longer in style. The backsplash of your kitchen may be worn or may no longer suit your tastes. The entire layout may feel outdated and no longer serve your needs in the kitchen.

2. Lack of Storage

A lack of storage is another issue when it comes to modern kitchens. Today, more storage is in style to prevent the buildup of clutter while allowing for a collection of plates, glasses, and modern appliances. If your kitchen is lacking storage, it may be time for a complete renovation.

3. Cramped Walking Areas

If you are unable to walk, sit, and entertain comfortably in your kitchen, a remodel may be in order. If you have the space available, removing unnecessary cabinets or changing the shape of your kitchen's island can drastically increase the amount of usable space you have available in the room.

4. Excessive Clutter

Excessive clutter can be extremely off-putting, especially with today's modern and minimalist styles. Eliminating clutter from the kitchen area is not always possible without additional cupboards and storage space, which may require a complete rework of the layout itself.

5. Cabinet Wear and Tear

Over time, cabinets will begin to show their wear and tear, especially after years, if not decades, of use. If you begin to notice wear and tear on your own cupboards, it may be time to start considering their replacements and the future layout of your kitchen.

Knowing when it's time to consider a complete kitchen remodel is essential as a homeowner, whether you are planning to sell or if you want to increase your home's overall value. With the right design build firms by your side, you can move forward with the renovation project you envision. Are you thinking of remodeling the entire layout of your own Portland kitchen? Turn to Creekstone Design + Remodel to help make your dream kitchen a reality.