3 Architectural Design Ideas for Your 2023 Home Renovation

Getting ready for a home remodel can be an exciting venture. The home remodeling industry is booming right now, with Houzz reporting a 58% increase in project leads for renovation professionals recently. If you are among the Portland homeowners who are ready to improve their houses, we have three architectural designs for you to consider below.

Sunken Living Rooms

A sunken living room is a lounge area embedded within the floor of a bigger space with the purpose of creating an intimate space for family and friends to gather. This architectural design for home renovations gives a lot of character and distinction to the living room area. Many families who have this feature in their homes say that it makes the room itself feel bigger as well as more intimate. If you are looking for a unique remodeling idea, a sunken living room may be for you.

Staircase Space

If your home features a staircase, you might be interested in using the space under it for a practical purpose. The most common use for this area is to create built-in bookshelves. This creates a unique look as well as extra storage for your family. Another option is to tuck a small half bath under the stairs. Depending on where the stairs are located and how wide the space is, a small half bath would be a great asset to your home and make a very practical use of the space. This is also a good spot for a small sitting nook or even a storage closet.

Baseboard Drawers

Most homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to add more storage space, and this architectural design for home renovations is one that can truly maximize it. When you work with an experienced design build firm to utilize the space at the bottom of the cabinets or floors, they will ensure your drawers are ideal for all types of storage your family needs! This may include sports equipment for the kids, off-season shoes, extra food storage containers, and more.

If you are considering a remodel in Portland, we can help you decide on the best architectural designs for your home. Our team of friendly professionals at Creekstone Designs is experienced and full of ideas for you to consider. Contact us today!