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How to Make Your Kitchen More Up-To-Date

Are you interested in making your kitchen more up-to-date? With more than 50% of homes built before 1980 in the United States, according to The National Association of Home Builders, old-fashioned features might very well be in your home. Professional remodeling by kitchen designers can be just what you need to make a big upgrade. We've outlined three helpful updates you should consider for this kind of project.

New Hardware

While it might seem like a little update, replacing the hardware in your kitchen can significantly improve the aesthetics. As of late, simplistic hardware has been all the rave. Some popular colors for this hardware include gold, bronze, rose gold, and matte black. These colors can come in various styles, such as contemporary, traditional, rustic, and eccentric. When making these design choices, consult with your designer and ensure that the hardware matches other elements of your home, like the appliances, backsplash, or countertops.

Having Your Walls Repainted

New wall colors in your home can uplift the space in the best ways possible. To ensure a modern and fresh appearance, choose colors that are on trend, but match the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more. Lately, many homeowners and kitchen designers are embracing a neutral color palette. If this seems like a design style you'd enjoy, pick colors like taupe, cream, slate gray, beige, and eggshell white. On the contrary, you can choose more vibrant wall colors to make a statement in your kitchen. Some lively colors might include forest green, navy blue, and burnt orange. You can also decide to implement neutral and vibrant colors to balance different aesthetics.

Up-to-Date Appliances

New appliances are the perfect way to make your kitchen more up-to-date. New appliances to consider buying in modern styles, such as stainless steel, includes a refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove. In addition to increased aesthetics, new appliances increase energy efficiency and provide day-to-day convenience during kitchen tasks. These appliances will have access to the latest technology, such as wifi-connections, voice assistance, and more, and also reduce negative environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions or water scarcity.

After reviewing these three ways to update your kitchen above, you're likely eager to start hiring expert services for your projects in Portland. Contact us at Creekstone to schedule a consultation and learn how our home designers can grant you the kitchen of your dreams, from consultation to construction.