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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Start the Remodeling Process

Ah, summertime. ‘Tis the season for barbecues and staycations, warm weather activities with the kids and, let’s face it, a full house until school starts again.

With everyone home for the summer, those little quirks throughout your home have a way of magnifying: Your kitchen suddenly feels more cramped than ever before; you’re constantly tripping over everyone’s belongings because your mudroom is nonexistent; you panic over suspicious silences as you make dinner because you don’t have a clear sightline into the living room; and your deck is barely big enough to fit the grill. The only place where you can go to get some peace is your primary bathroom… except that cramped, dated space couldn’t be further from the spa-like oasis you so desperately need. Then one day in August, your mind flashes ahead to the holidays and you start to wonder because you can’t imagine how you’ll accommodate the entire extended family when there’s barely enough room at the dining table as it is. Yikes! We've been there.

Choosing the Design-Build Approach

It's definitely time to remodel, but where do you even begin? The thought of budgets and design choices, coordinating with contractors and sticking to timelines is enough of a headache for many homeowners to say, “maybe next year” again and again.

But what if there was another way? A reputable design-build firm like Creekstone handles everything about your home transformation project in-house with one point person to partner with you from the initial consultation to the final day on site.

To kick off your project, our advisory team, made up of our most trusted tradespeople, will conduct a feasibility study in your home to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs and goals for your space, as well as your budget. This vital step helps us create a design and a plan tailored specifically to you.

Whether you’re looking for a better floor plan, more room via an addition or a conversion of an existing space, we’ll help you look at your options and determine what would work best to suit your vision.

The Before and the After

Homeowners like you know your "before" space pretty well—after all, it’s been enough of a pain point to warrant a renovation, but for us to understand what isn’t working (and what the solution should be), we’ll put together an accurate, highly detailed model of your original space. Then, we’ll use the latest tech to create 3D renderings so you can immerse yourself in your After before any work begins onsite.

And at Creekstone, we take pride in creating lasting "afters" with quality craftsmanship, proven with our 10-year warranty, so you can continue to enjoy your new space for years to come.

Start This Summer

Beginning your home transformation project in the summer is an excellent choice. First, vacations, weeks at camp, and warm weather that’s perfect for outdoor dinners or long days at the pool all help your family get out of the house so you don’t feel like you’re living in a construction zone for the duration of your renovation.

Second, starting a remodel in the summer months means that your space will likely be complete just in time for the holiday season. Whether you’ll be hosting an endless stream of guests, spending time in your new kitchen as you cook your favorite seasonal dishes, or simply building warm family memories in front of your new fireplace, beginning your project early will be well worth it at the end of the year.

So, go ahead and volunteer to host this year—we’ll give you all the space you need to pull it off without any worry!

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with the Creekstone team today to find out what’s possible!