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The Top 7 Remodeling Trends for 2020


There’s something special about starting a new decade. It’s a time when many homeowners and designers jump at the chance to embrace new and exciting colors, layouts, textures, and even design philosophies.

What fresh new remodeling trends will take center stage in 2020? Here’s what experts are predicting:

1. Home Technology


It’s no surprise that the current move towards home automation will continue into 2020, but things are about to get even more exciting than before.

Expect to see more people using their remodel as an opportunity to set up fully integrated smart home systems with connected appliances. That means you can program your home to: 

  • Turn on the heat before you get up in the morning
  • Wake you up gently by gradually turning up the lights
  • Open and close the blinds while you’re at work or running errands
  • Improve your home security system
  • Learn and adjust to your personal preferences

For many homeowners, this is also a wonderful opportunity to incorporate aging-in-place designs where nearly everything can be controlled remotely.

2. Digital Showers


Technology will improve bathrooms in 2020 too. High-tech, luxury showers have digital controls that allow you to adjust the water temperature, lighting, water pressure, music, and other settings. You can even get a shower with LED lighting that changes color to indicate how hot or cold the water is. Some digital showers have their own controls, while others utilize a smartphone app.

Shower trends don’t stop there though. If you want an even more luxury experience, why not join the 77% of homebuyers who are looking for dual showerheads in their new showers.

3. Mega-Storage


Homeowners are hoping to solve the age-old storage problem once and for all in 2020. Big pantries are the obvious solution. In fact, 61% of buyers want a super-pantry in the kitchen.

Adding a significant amount of storage space is a home design trend that has a lot of practical benefits. Keeping the kitchen clean and uncluttered suddenly becomes much more feasible. It’s also much easier to keep non-perishables in stock and easily accessible when you need them.

4. Slab Backsplashes


Solid slab backsplashes are a bold and refreshing kitchen trend that’s already on the rise. It typically involves a slab of marble, quartzite, or concrete, but you can choose practically any natural stone or engineered material you want!

You might decide to match your backsplash and your countertop (where your countertop material simply gets extended upward) for a clean, streamlined look. Or you might want to create a dynamic contrast in color and/or texture by choosing two different materials.

5. Splashes of Color


Simple, sophisticated designs aren’t going out of style any time soon, but unexpected color accents are a creative way to add fun details that show your personal sense of style. The great thing about this trend is that it’s easy to go bold with a brightly colored oven or an eye-catching mosaic tile accent, or you can experiment with less-permanent elements, like bar stools, light fixtures, and even cabinet paint.

If you like this idea but you’re not sure what color to try, you can’t go wrong with Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year — classic blue.

6. Darker Countertops


When’s the last time you saw a kitchen with dark countertops? We all might be seeing a lot more of them in 2020! Options include:

Dark counters look sleek and intense when you use them throughout the kitchen, while a dark island can create a striking contrast next to lighter counters.

7. Wellness Design


According to this recent Forbes article covering the Home Improvement Research Institute’s HIRI Summit, 2020 will usher in at least one home design trend that doesn’t have to do with color or texture, but health. Many homeowners are interested in remodeling products that benefit their health and well-being. Examples include eco-friendly, non-toxic paint and materials, as well as other features such as:

  • No-touch faucets that reduce the spread of germs
  • Water and air purification systems
  • Self-cleaning, bidet style toilets
  • Circadian lighting to promote good sleep

Thinking of remodeling in 2020?

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