3 Captivating (and Cost-Effective) Kitchen Flooring Options

Choosing kitchen flooring for your Portland remodel can be complicated. You want it to look amazing, but you also need it to withstand the constant traffic that comes with being one of the most visited rooms in the house. Can you have both without breaking the bank? You can! Let’s explore some options: 

Heavenly Hardwood

Although hardwood flooring varies in price depending on the type of wood, affordable options are available. In this Creekstone remodel, homeowners chose rich, rustic hickory flooring — less costly than oak, with no compromise on looks. 

There are countless options to choose from when it comes to hardwood flooring. To add flair to your wood floor, consider parquet — an arrangement of wood blocks in a geometric pattern. Or, for a hardwood look with a smaller price tag, bamboo flooring is an excellent, environmentally friendly option. 

Luxury Vinyl 

For high-traffic kitchens, especially in homes with children and pets, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a convenient choice. LVF is versatile and completely waterproof – easily standing up to spills and scratches. Homeowners can go with vinyl planks, often resembling wood, or tile, made to look like ceramic or porcelain. Either way, LVF is easy to clean, built to last, and affordable. 

Timeless Tile

Tile flooring offers a high-style look for a surprisingly affordable price. Tile comes in just about any color, texture, and pattern you can think of, so matching your décor won’t be a problem. Whether you go with ceramic or porcelain, you’ll get a completely custom look that’s guaranteed to be waterproof and stand the test of time. 

Make sure to explore your options when deciding on kitchen flooring. You may be pleasantly surprised at what’s available within your budget! And, if you need some guidance, contact us — we’ll be happy to help.