JOHN MAY, President

Hello! Thanks for being interested in learning more about Creekstone Designs. Over 14 years ago, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, fresh off the heels of living a dual life as a business consultant for one of the “Big 6” and doing remodels/design for clients, I was fortunate that my talent and passion helped me realize I was a designer and a builder with a consulting problem. So I followed my talent into founding Creekstone Designs, specializing in designing and installing residential remodels.

You could say I tried everything to avoid what I was good at. In high school I worked as a dishwasher but then gave all my other time interning for a remodeler to learn design and construction. In college, I was an art major, who realized he wanted to make a living, so I switched to Economics—and was regularly reprimanded for doing unapproved remodels of dorm rooms. Sure, you can put custom wainscoting, floating shelf systems and a complex lighting scheme in a concrete block dorm, but uninstalling is another story.

After college, an unassisted bicycle trip across the country and trek in Nepal, I started a career with one of the top consulting firms in the country. I traveled all over on assignments, learning the good, the bad and ugly of business. The lifestyle was intense and the business experience was invaluable. But alas, I ended up working on clients and colleagues homes on the side. Which led me to finally building a business doing what I was really good at doing: design and remodeling.

A few things that helped along the way? A family of plumbers and a mother whose perseverance was like no other. She redefined impossible by having me and completing medical school on her own as Dad was stationed abroad. “I can’t” was not a family value. Today, life is great. In between all the business of work, I fly fish and and train professional ski instructors. I am a proud member of the PSIA-NW Technical Team, and a Northwest representative on the National Board of ski instructors.

I am the biggest fan of my ridiculously amazing wife & daughter. Other than my wife’s questionable choice of a husband she is the best, toughest, eastern Oregon, social justice advocating, horse riding, get-yourself-up and dust your-self-off cowgirl, I could ever be blessed to be with—.and the little one is right behind.

She is a partner in our adventures coaching ski instructors along side me, wading numerous fly fishing rivers, retreating to an Alaska cabin each year, and indulging in our embarrassing pursuit as wanna-be foodies.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to learning about you!


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