When starting your remodel the first place you’ll likely start is with research. We recommend consulting with an installers AND designers as both are experts in their fields, but neither can provide you the project or budget without the others work. If possible, talk with them both at the same time and have them work together!

There are pros & cons to both the designer and installer/contractor. It’s good to look at these as they both greatly affect the budget.

A designer is creating the vision you want, but they are not responsible for the install or designing how to effectively install it.

The contractor is delivering a project to a budget if they know exactly what the design is. But they need to know detailed designs in order to do this. Otherwise they provide “estimates” that cannot be verified to be to high or too low. (Always get a proposal rather than an estimate.)

Both the designer and the installer are needed to create a remodel that meets your vision and budget. A design-only approach results in a beautiful design but can be 3 times the cost. A contractor-only approach can result in an “estimate” that is much less or much more than the actual cost because they don’t have specifics so they give a best or worst case scenario. Make sure the installers are involved with the design process so they can not only provide proposals but also help lend their expertise to the design.

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