Basement Finishing

Great Design Is Our Secret To A Basement Finish You love!

Just about any contractor can finish your basement. But there are few who can do it as well as Creekstone Designs. Our goal is to finish your basement to exceed what you thought possible. First and foremost we listen to exactly what you want.  Next we inspect your basement to identify ways to add more light, more ceiling height, and more volume.  Then we create a computer model so you can see what it will look like before we start building.

All great basement begins with a thoughtful design but true greatness lives in the results.  Our customers are thrilled by our ability to complete projects on time and to manage your money to carefully stay on budget.  We excel at communicating with you every step of the way.  But what really blows our customers away is the finished quality.  People choose Creekstone Designs because they will love living in their home.

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We love our basement SO MUCH. It’s warm in the winter — so much better insulated than the rest of the house — but cool in the summer, so we can sleep down there during heat waves. John got exactly what we were going for, in terms of a space that feels new and modern but also feels very much like part of a 1926 bungalow. The work has held up beautifully, and the design and colors are so much better than we would ever have come up with, if we’d been in charge of telling the contractor what we wanted. The bathroom is well ventilated and spacious without taking up any of the room that we can use for just hanging out. John also stayed within the budget, even as we ran into issues that hadn’t been anticipated (like the ways to move and raise all the pipes). I recommend Creekstone without reservation.